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A new vegan bouillon that's gluten-free and tastes great!

Now in savory chicken & beef style

Every cook knows a great stock makes the difference between a good dish and an award winning meal! But how many of us have time to make our own? And how many of us are tired of ruining dishes with over salted instant bouillons that promise great results, but are packed with artificial flavors and preservatives that you can taste?

Massel Bouillon granules and cubes are vegan, Heart Foundation* approved, and made with premium vegetable ingredients, herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. They make great tasting stocks and broths packed with natural flavor.

And we're ticking all the boxes for people with dietary restrictions, and those with lifestyle choices or religious beliefs that impact on their food choices.

Vegan, gluten-free and less salt

Massel Bouillon ticks all the boxes:
✔ Suitable for those with Celiac Disease   ✔ Vegan & vegetarian   ✔ Less salt, more flavor!   ✔ Heart Foundation Approved*✔ Cholesterol free   ✔ 99% fat free   ✔ No additives or preservatives   ✔ Lactose free   ✔ Kosher  

Now in delicious vegan chicken & beef style

Massel Bouillons are all vegan, and come in a range of delicious flavors made from premium vegetable ingredients. Our tasty classic Vegetable Bouillon is packed with onion, spinach, cabbage, garlic and celery.

We also do a rich Beef Style and Chicken Style for when you fancy a fuller flavored stock, all made with top quality vegan ingredients. We spent years perfecting our vegan meat style bouillons, so that they would be full of flavor, and provide a delicious alternative to meat stocks and broths for vegans, vegetarians and people wishing to eat less meat.

Great value for money and so easy to use

Massel Bouillons come in a range of convenient sizes:

  • Our tasty Ultracubes are great for feeding the family. One Ultracube makes one pint of stock.
  • Or try our handy 7's cubes. They're perfect for people on the go and for a quick healthy snack, simply add one cube to one cup of warm water for a delicious broth.
  • Our Better Bouillon granules make sensational stocks, and add flavor to vegetables and sauces. One canister (PBA-free) of Better Bouillon makes 20 pints of stock, so it's great value for money.

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Mouthwatering recipes

Simply add Massel Bouillon to hot water to make a delicious stock for any dish. You can also sprinkle Massel Bouillon over your vegetables, salads and stir fries, to add a dash of savory flavor.

Check out our website for mouthwatering vegan recipe ideas.